Da molti anni ormai, il mensile„Forum Branżowe” collabora con gli organizzatori delle maggiori fiere per l’edilizia in Europa. Da anni informiamo su questi eventi, ci partecipiamo e pubblichiamo resoconti sul loro percorso.  
"Forum Branżowe" monthly has been cooperating with organisers of largest construction fairs in Europe for many years now. We have been long informing about such events, participating in them and publishing reports from them.On the occasion of such events as Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg, Bau in Munich, Equipbaie or Batimat in Paris and Made Expo in Milan, we normally used to append a foreign language part about Poland and the offer of Polish joinery manufacturers to the issue released at that time. We have recently gone a step further: we have begun to issue an international quarterly entitled "Forum International".Last year we prepared its English & Italian issue including 
European window and door heartland – this designation has been used increasingly more often in conversations about Poland. Over 5,000 bigger and smaller enterprises deal with manufacturing windows, doors, roller shutters and façades, and their every third product is exported, ma- inly to the European Union markets. The previous year’s value of fi rst-fi x joinery export from Poland exceeded EUR 1 B, which placed Poles on the 1st place in the ranking list of European exporters.  

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