[ENGLISH / ITALIAN / FRENCH] Window and door joinery in Poland - 2013

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"Forum Branżowe" monthly has been cooperating with organisers of largest construction fairs in Europe for many years now. We have been long informing about such events, participating in them and publishing reports from them.
On the occasion of such events as Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg, Bau in Munich, Equipbaie or Batimat in Paris and Made Expo in Milan, we normally used to append a foreign language part about Poland and the offer of Polish joinery manufacturers to the issue released at that time. We have recently gone a step further: we have begun to issue an international quarterly entitled "Forum International".
Last year we prepared its English & Italian issue including information about the Polish market, manufacturers and novelties in their offer. The magazine was distributed on the fairs in Milan, Bologna and Paris (a special French-language supplement). It encountered considerable interest of exhibitors during those fairs and of guests seeking information about possible cooperation with Poles.
"Forum International" is laid in foreign press stands but our associates personally reach each exhibitor on the fair and hand them a copy. On that occasion they ask whether the recipients would be willing to cooperate with Poles and offer help in establishing contact. Apart from that, the new issue is sent to Polish diplomatic missions abroad, trade associations and chambers, construction industry and architect societies. The electronic version of "Forum" is available also on the publisher's website and on websites of certain promotion and trade divisions in Polish embassies.
The situation was similar for the last German- and Russian-language version of "Forum International", which we distributed on fairs in Stuttgart, Munich, Düsseldorf and Vienna, but also in Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and Kiev. In all those places the magazine reached fair exhibitors and guests, who flocked to international press stands. They were particularly interested in the article about trade in first fix joinery between individual European Union member states and Russia. They realised with use of specific figures that Polish windows and doors perfectly fi t into international trade, being only a tiny portion of it. Polish innovations presented in that issue aroused interest of foreign readers, and numerous inquiries to our representatives proved that they were willing to establish cooperation. We also know from our partners who place announcements and advertisements in "Forum" that it is an effective form of communicating information about companies and their products.
Now we are giving you the autumn issue of "Forum International". Because this season features a large number of fairs in many countries, we have prepared it in three language versions: English, French and Italian. This issue will reach all Polish embassies in Europe, appear in the actions as part of Polish Economy Promotion Programme, and be distributed during numerous meetings. Our associates will hand it to guests and exhibitors of fairs in Paris, Oslo, Dublin, Warsaw, Milan, Rome and Turin, and even in Johannesburg and Toronto. "Forum International" is present not only on a few selected fairs but in all places where customers of Polish joinery manufacturers can be found. We believe that we help establish specific commercial contacts in this way. We believe that such cooperation is the greatest opportunity for further development of the Polish first fix joinery industry. We want to be particularly helpful for such enterprises which do not have large budgets and extensive marketing & commercial services at their disposal.
Every Polish manufacturer of windows, doors, or roller shutters, but also every supplier of materials for their production, is invited to permanent cooperation on foreign markets.
You may simply find it easier with "Forum International".



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