[ENGLISH - POLISH] Fenestration market in Poland - 2008

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The Polish market of doors and windows consists of several thousand enterprises involved in the supply, production, distribution and service processes. The great majority are the firms established after 1990, equipped with the most modern assembly lines, using the best material for production. The total value of the Polish woodwork market is estimated at 12 billion zlotys now (3.3 billion euros) according to sold products prices. Of course windows have the biggest share in the market. According to the estimations made by Eurostat, the image of which material is used for production nowadays is shown in a chart inside publication. This market is extremely fragmented. The top ten producers cover only 20 % of the market, the next ten adds some other 10%. Another one hundred biggest producers of doors and windows, according to research results from 2007, cover over 70% of the market value. Over 2000 small production plants work for another part, which shows not only fragmentation but also large competition on this market.


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