[ENGLISH / ITALIAN] Window and door market in Poland - 2012

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European window and door heartland – this designation has been used increasingly more often in conversations about Poland. Over 5,000 bigger and smaller enterprises deal with manufacturing windows, doors, roller shutters and facades, and their every third product is exported, mainly to the European Union markets. The previous year’s value of fi rst-fi x joinery export from Poland exceeded EUR 1 B, which placed Poles on the 1st place in the ranking list of European exporters.

The enormous leap accomplished in the last 20 years is related not only to the value but also the technical quality of Polish products. Thanks to the purchase of West European, mainly German and Italian, technologies, Polish companies managed to upgrade their factories and to implement the latest European achievements of the window and door technology. It is in Poland that the newest and most modern process lines are operating today, and Polish producers are currently the largest partners of such brands as Veka, Aluplast, Gealan, Brugmann or Schuco. A large portion of production volume is sold by Winkhaus, Roto, G-U, Maco, Pilkington, AGC, Saint-Gobain and dozens of other suppliers from the whole Europe. Polish enterprises buy components from their European partners for the purpose of manufacturing fi rst-fi x joinery products, and in exchange they supply them with thousands of windows, doors and blinds. Such a partnership is for the benefi t of both parties and the effect of this cooperation is highest-quality fi nished construction products offered to European project owners at very convenient prices. In the age of stagnation of the construction sector in whole Europe, contractor companies in each European Union member state are very eager to take advantage of this. The export of Polish products became more dynamic seven years ago, when Poland joined the European Union. The main problem of the fi rst years of mutual business contacts was the lack of appropriately educated personnel, insuffi cient knowledge of business practice and troublesome language barriers on the Polish side. However, also this area has seen a great progress in the last years in Polish companies. Poles not only adapted to the European business standards, but are still exhibiting far-reaching fl exibility in meeting the expectations of European project owners. Their partners are sometimes surprised to admit the Polish product can mean a product that is better, more adjusted to the needs, more quickly delivered. The opinion about a good cooperation with Poles, about the still increasing quality of their offer, about the increasingly better post-sales service, is more and more common in Europe. European contractor and trade companies have gained a credible partner in the East, with which they are making bigger and more profi table deals.

With this publication, which is now in your hands, we are going to provide you with information about the history of the Polish fi rst-fi x joinery market, its present condition and perspectives. You will also fi nd information about manufacturers which operate on the Polish market and about their innovative offer, which they make available for you. You are warmly encouraged to become familiar with them and to establish possible cooperation. If you encounter any diffi culties, our Publishing House is always ready to help.







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